Septic Tankers, Vacuum Cesspit Emptiers, Pit Latrine & Portable Toilet Tankers, Vacuum Pumper Units, Jetting Equipment, Raw & Drinking Water Bowsers. Export Project Management.

Transporting drinking water by tanker truck across arid deserts or to areas of disaster & famine, delivering lube oil or emptying pit latrines by contractors deep in the jungle, or disposing of mobile toilet & cesspool waste by pumper tankers in the UK; throughout the world, Buckingham water & vacuum pumper tanker products (with or without sewer jetting equipment) are working in some of the toughest conditions, proving their reliability. Our Export Department is also responsible for sales & support to global aid funded projects.

Garchey Tanker for the Barbican

Garchey Tanker for the Barbican

Our tanker product range includes truck chassis or trailer mounted raw water and drinking water tankers, vacuum cesspit sludge tankers and pit latrine waste tankers, 'Buckaloo' portable toilet pumper tankers, mobile toilet & cesspool servicing tankers, high pressure water jetting equipment and lubrication servicing systems - all for world wide aid relief, commercial, municipal & utility use.




Tanker No 8 for Dial a Loo

Here's a photo of a very ordinary normal looking Buckaloo toilet tanker you may think. You would be right of course, but it is in fact the recent refurbishment of a 19 year old unit bought by Site Plant Services (SPS) in 1996 ...and the very first Buckaloo ever manufactured! It goes without saying that it sailed through the ultra-sound tank thickness test of course!

Same tanker when it was new in 1996

...same tanker when it was new in 1996

water bowsers for the film industry

Water Bowsers for the Film Industry

Thomas Crapper Fittings Ad

New Cesspit Emptiers