Old to New

More often than not, the chassis/cab portion of a tanker truck is by far the most expensive part. It therefore makes sense to consider mounting brand new tanker equipment on to good quality used chassis ( & perhaps avoiding any IVA costs & time as a consequence). Client's can provide their own chassis, or we can source sound low mileage examples to start with, arrange for existing bodies to be removed, alter wheelbases if required, shot blast & repaint wheels & chassis, replace tyres, refurbish cabs inside & out, even upgrade emission procedures if required, arrange full servicing & provide fresh MOT's.

Another variation of our 'old to new' policy is where we transfer existing tanker equipment on to brand new chassis/cabs, after ultra-sound testing the barrel quality & thickness; or lastly, where a used chassis & barrel are in good shape, & we then strip off all ancillaries & replace items as necessary to a standard the client requires. Procedures here could involve dent filling the cab & repaint, shot blasting barrel, wheels & chassis & repaint, replace rear mud wings, hose trays & rear bumper, refurbishing exhauster, drive, cut outs & valves etc ... resulting in a tanker that performs & looks virtually brand new!

Fridge Lorry to Tanker story

The brief story in pictures of a recent conversion of a tired 2008 Volvo FL 6x2 Fridge Lorry into a sparkling new 3,000 gallon Vacuum Cesspool Tanker with Jetting. The chassis was stripped of old bodywork, wheelbase shortened, cab repainted & interior refurbished, chassis & wheels shot blasted and repainted, fully serviced with good tyres, mirrors & lighting etc & 12 months MOT certification.

New 3,000 gallon Remount for Southern Cesspool Services

No 4 for SCS photo 2

Roger Beck looking very pleased with his brand new 3,000 gallon Vacuum Cesspool Tanker mounted to a good used 58 plate Mecedes chassis/cab, replacing the old Whale barrel that had failed an ultar-sound thickness test. The existing pumping and hose trays were retained, but pretty well everything else was replaced, finished off with a fine all round paint job including the cab and sign writing. This is our 4th tanker for Rodger since the first in 2001

Spot the Difference?

Well, they're both brand new 3,100 gallon vacuum cesspit emptiers, viewed here from the rear & apart from an extra beacon, very little difference indeed! One cannot see the cabs of course, & the number plates do give things away, but WH Drainage's chassis/cab is the supreme & brand new Volvo FE300 6x2 .... & Marlin's a quality refurbished 2007 (& an ex fridge wagon) Volvo FE 280 6x2!

Front on shots below of the same tankers showing the quality of Marlin's older & refurbished Volvo chassis/cab, next to WHD's new Euro 6 Volvo, who's driver can really appreciate the comfort & drivability behind the wheel of this latest spec'd model. Both tankers perform exactly the same whilst on site of course, & Oh, by the way ..... one's half the price of the other!!


Challenger Site Services provided us with a superbly refurbished 07 plate DAF LF55 18 ton gross 4x2 chassis/cab, onto which we mounted a new 2,400 gallon Vacuum Sludge Tanker including a water compartment. They are so pleased that we are to build another one. A exact repeat performance!!

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