Water/Cesspool Tankers Products & Services

Custom built road tankers to exacting requirements

Combination Suction/Jetting Tankers

3,000 litre Medium Volume Combination tanker

3,000 litre Medium Volume Combination tanker, 50:50 water/sludge compartment split, 200 cfm exhauster, hydraulic door & reel, 28 galls/min @ 2,000 psi jetting, 100m x 3/4" HP hose etc

9,000 litre Low Volume Combination tanker

9,000 litre Low Volume Combination tanker, 8,000L sludge / 1,000L water compartment split, 200 cfm exhauster, 40 lit/min @ 3,000 psi jetting, hydraulic reel with 90m x 3/8" HP hose, all controls at rear.

ADR Hazardous Waste Tankers

ADR Hazardous Waste Tanker

3,100 gallon ADR Vacuum Waste Sludge Tanker, manufactured to tank design code L4AH, including a 6mm thick 316 stainless steel barrel, bursting disc, travel and vent valves, full rear door with hydraulic opening and clamping, special inlet/outlet valves, 420 cfm rated Jurop exhauster, full lighting, spill kit, earthing straps & reel, roll over protection, accredited inspection approval etc.

Non Hazardous Waste Tankers (Cesspool etc.)

These are non hazardous waste tankers (cesspool emptiers) built in accordance with Statutory Instruments 2000 N0 128 and the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). All are for UK contractors.



A recent 10,000L vacuum cesspool tanker mounted on a DAF FL 18 ton chassis, seen here in bare metal form, and later after shot blast, finish paint, rebuild, IVA approval & final test ... all in 10 days!

Water Tankers

Truck or trailer mounted drinking or raw water road tankers - manufactured in lined mild steel, or from 316 stainless steel & WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

Subframe Tankers for Local Mounting Overseas


Demountable or chassis fixed tanker systems for servicing portable toilets

mounting of the engine/pump set

Mentioned on the Home Page, but this is another angle showing more of the trailer, the mounting of the engine/pump set, & stowage facilities around the tank for hoses & other equipment

This 2,500 litre combined sludge suction & high pressure water wash tanker, mounted on a single axle galvanised site trailer, was supplied to the National Grid to help keep these A list national institutions clean & efficient!

Emergency Fire Tankers

This tanker is one of 6 off 10,000 litre Elliptical Water Tankers with Godiva Fire Pumps mounted on 'hook lift' demountable frames. Tankers will be used for emergency fire duties at BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels)

Buckingham's satisfied BNFL's stringent safety requirements to win this order.